Sports Premium

Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium

At Danson Primary School P.E. and competitive sport is an area we are extremely proud of. The money that we receive as part of our Sports Premium allowance enables us to continue reaching new levels of sporting greatness, in and out of core teaching time. Our children receive specialist PE teaching from a fully qualified Sports Instructor and a trained Sports Coach which ensures that all of their needs are tailored to and met.  Mr Corley and Miss Matthews deliver the very best physical education teaching for the children at Danson Primary School.


Lunchtime is an integral part of the school day; during this hour, children eat, let off steam, learn to play co-operatively, and develop social skills to enable them to become well rounded individuals. Therefore the use of sport in this time is perfect. It enables children to access and achieve all of these needs as well as providing the additional health benefits of being active. In order to accomplish an engaging lunchtime club, a wide variety of sports have been selected by our school Sports Councillors, including Basketball, Netball, Football, Handball and Dodgeball.

We have recently invested in upgrading our sports equipment thus lunchtime clubs are more exciting for the children as they get the opportunity to use the new apparatus. Using this hour is a great time for the children; it allows them to try out different sports that they may not have experienced, make new friends in other classes and to also to improve their general fitness.


As a result of having specialist staff for PE and school sport, we have been able to raise our ambition for after school and lunchtime clubs whereby all children are offered the opportunity to sign up to our free after school sports clubs, which run each day of the week for different year groups. The clubs are run by Mr Corley and Miss Matthews every night from 3pm until 4:30pm. We recognise that participation in our after school clubs not only adds to children’s enjoyment of sports but also aids the competence and confidence of the children with their skills, which in turn transfers and benefits the school’s successful sports teams.  

The participation levels of sports clubs have risen by 20% since the employment of specialist sports coaches and our after school sports clubs remain extremely busy, with most clubs having a long waiting list due to the popularity of the clubs.  

Healthy Schools

The introduction of a week dedicated to Health and Wellbeing, was to encourage healthy lifestyles, and enable the children to become more aware of their body, and have a greater understanding of the impact of exercise on health. This is taught at the same time as the human body in science to compliment the children’s learning. The idea of this week is to highlight the importance of regular physical activity, this is through specialised PE sessions, the children’s science lessons and a guest speaker who delivers lifestyle guidance and healthy eating tips.


The Physical Education curriculum is defined as ‘a high-quality education that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.’ In Danson Primary School we believe that the Physical Education delivered to the pupils should be outstanding, varied and enjoyable and we constantly review our practice in order to ensure we deliver this.  

High expectations are set for every class. To ensure that all children achieve their full potential and achieve the expectations set for them, all lessons are fully differentiated and tailored to the differing needs of the children. Skills teaching is coupled with the core theories of these key P.E. skills and also the knowledge and understanding of our

bodies to ensure children are experts in the complexities of sport and what it entails. The children are taught to apply this knowledge to all sports not just particular games.  

Competitive Sport

At Danson Primary School we work hard to give all children the chance to take part in competitive sport.  To ensure that all children have the opportunity to take part and represent the school we have a B and C team for all of our main school teams. We are proud to competitively take part in: Football, Hockey, Swimming, Rounders, Cricket, Netball, Athletics, Tag Rugby, Basketball and Gymnastics. The school has been accredited with a Gold Sainsbury Kitemark for the past three years because of our commitment to ensuring all children get these opportunities.

Our other successes include: Danson Boys football team winning four competitions in one season resulting in them being featured in the local newspaper and receiving awards from the Mayor of Bexley. Danson has also represented Bexley in the London School Games and have gone on to Kent County Finals in both Football and Cricket for both boys and girls teams, which is a huge achievement.

Impact and Sustainability

P.E. enjoyment, progress and achievement at Danson Primary School is excellent. We believe that an intrinsic reason for this is the embedding of specialist P.E. teaching combined with the high profile of sport and wellbeing at the school.  Strategic and personalised PE planning is used in conjunction with comprehensive assessments every term in order to build up a detailed profile of every child and this is evidenced with photographs and videos of work the children have achieved at every level.

Our Sports Premium funding has enabled us to upskill and develop our staff. Our specialist sports instructor regularly works with other teachers to develop their knowledge and skills of the teaching and learning of P.E which not only raises the standards of P.E teaching but also increases the capability and confidence of all teaching staff in all areas of the P.E curriculum.