Danson Primary School is committed to inclusive practice and meeting the needs of all individuals. We strive to provide an appropriate and high quality education for all children regardless of their background, additional educational needs, race or gender. We actively seek to remove barriers to learning and participation which can hinder or exclude individual pupils. In order to achieve this many steps are taken to support them through their learning journey. For some children there are occasions when further additional support may be needed to help them meet their targets and reach their full potential. 

At Danson, we take pride in creating an effective and supportive learning environment, through an adaptive, creative and differentiated curriculum.We understand the importance of working in partnership with parents and encourage parental involvement in their child’s learning, as well as fostering opportunities for the children themselves to be actively involved in their own learning. Early identification of a child’s needs is made through discussions with parents, pre-school settings prior to school entry, class teachers and the SENCO. Individuals are monitored through teacher assessment, pupil progress meetings and provision mapping. When appropriate, referrals are made to specialist services or medical professionals.

Our aim is to nurture children’s talents and abilities, believe in the potential of all pupils, inspire resilient enthusiastic learners and enable every child to be happy, confident and achieve.

Our goal is that all children are successful learners who are prepared for the next chapter of their education when they move on from Danson. 

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This page is to direct you to places, workshops or advice that can support your family beyond the school in various ways.

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