Design Technology

Design Technology 

At Danson, we encourage the children to be resilient problem solvers. Design and Technology is an iterative process where we teach the children to evaluate their work throughout the entire project. All projects follow the structure of design, make, and evaluate. 

Children will design products for a brief based on a specific design criteria before have the chance to explore various tools and equipment in the making process. At this stage, we encourage the children to take risks and be resourceful and innovate. At the end of each unit, it is important for the children to reflect on their product and evaluate the successes and challenges throughout the unit. 

Our Design and Technology units are taught in blocks at the end of each half term and they often links to the humanities topics that are taught in each year group. This allows the children to make connections in the learning between different lessons and helps to embed the humanities learning in a practical way.  

Throughout their time at Danson, the children will have many opportunities to develop their skills in textures, structures, mechanisms, and food technology. In Key Stage 2, children are also introduced to how their ICT skills and the digital world can assist them throughout the design process.

 The information below explains what unit is taught for each year group and when it is taught. It also explains if there is a cross-curricular link with the Humanities unit for that year group. 

Design Technology Policy 

Design Technology  Long Term Plan

The following information below illustrates the knowledge and skills progression that the children at Danson Primary School develop during their Design Technology lessons from EYFS to Year 6. The Design Technology curriculum at Danson Primary School is divided into the following units which are taught to the children: 

- Structures 

- Cooking & Nutrition

- Textiles 

- Mechanisms 

- Mechanical Systems

- Digital World - KS2 

- Electrical Systems - KS2 

Design Technology  - EYFS 
Design Technology - Structures Progression of Skills
Design Technology - Cooking & Nutrition Progression of Skills
Design Technology - Textiles Progression of Skills 
Design Technology - Mechanisms & Mechanical Systems Progression of Skills 
Design Technology - Digital World Progression of Skills - KS2 
Design Technology - Electrical Systems Progression of Skills - KS2 
Design Technology - National Curriculum