Vision and Values

Danson Vision

At Danson our pupils strive to respect the rights of the whole child and others, aspire for both personal and academic success , aim for excellence and achieve our full potential.  Our Vision is for Danson to be an excellent school, where outstanding practice, equality and wellbeing are at the heart of all we do.

Danson Mission Statement

At Danson we are committed to ensuring all children who attend our school are

‘Nurtured, believed in, are inspired and achieve.’


‘Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you can fly.’

(Our whole school motivational quote which encapsulates our whole school butterfly installation in the assembly hall)

Our pupils have a plethora of experiences from a broad and balanced curriculum which shapes and develops them as confident, responsible, active and adaptable  and independent learners.  Through Danson’s core values we are unswerving in our desire for all our pupils being committed members of our school community, working in partnership with our parents so that all pupils are the best versions of themselves, reach their potential and are proud of themselves and their achievements.  Every Danson Primary pupil will be prepared for full participation in the local, national and global community to enable them to make a positive contribution now and in the future.

Danson Values

-To make our school community a safe and happy place for ALL, children and adults, so that each child can learn and achieve to the best of their ability.

-At Danson Primary School we believe that every child has the right to learn, but no child has the right to disrupt the learning of others.

-To help each child develop an understanding of the need to care for others, the importance of kindness, empathy, honesty, gratitude, tolerance including perseverance where appropriate.

-To help each child respect others and form good relationships with them. In particular, to appreciate the various social and cultural backgrounds within our school community.

-To help each child to respect their own and other’s work or property, both in and outside of school.

Danson Golden Rules



Growth Mindset

At Danson we share and instil in our pupils the importance of having self-belief and remind them that they can do anything if they put their minds and effort to it.  We want our pupils raised in stimulating environments with growth mindset messages reminding them they are capable of anything!

We believe in the power of having a growth mindset, the importance of brain plasticity and the power of ‘YET’.  We recognise the importance of pupils developing a growth mindset.  It enables them to keep going even when work is hard, they are persistent and show true grit and effort towards their learning.

At Danson we recognise the importance of mistakes when learning and that these should be celebrated.  We understand and value that through mistakes in conceptual learning it helps our brains to spark and grow.  We recognise the importance of our brains being challenged and the enjoyment we receive when solving problems.

At Danson we want all our children to be the very best that they can be.