School Enrichment

Danson Primary School believes strongly that learning extends well beyond the classroom and that an outstanding education should offer all students a range of enrichment activities which will support them to be successful in life. Alongside a bespoke, challenging and thought provoking curriculum, extra-curricular activities, taking place during lunchtime and after school, are on offer to pupils. These activities provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, make new friendships and develop their confidence, teamwork and communication skills.

There is a diverse range of after school enrichment clubs that take place at Danson Primary School. These clubs are available to children from Reception to Year 6 and are run by the dedicated staff at the school. Parents can sign up to after school enrichment clubs via the Arbor school system every half term. Please see below what clubs have been available to the children here at Danson: 

After School Enrichment Club - Autumn 2 

After School Enrichment Club - Spring 1 

After School Enrichment Club - Spring 2 

Bexley Music Festival 

On Monday 25th March our choir very excitedly took part in their first Bexley Music Festival at Fairfield Hall in Croydon. After  weeks of rehearsals and lots of hard work, we were all very excited to sing with the other children in the massed choir, as  well as celebrate the musical talent of lots of other children across the Bexley borough. In the morning, we had a rehearsal  with all of the other schools, we were initially very nervous when we realised the size of the venue, but we were also very  excited to perform together for the first time. We have spent lots of time learning our songs; 'Mr Blue Sky', 'Bring it all back',  'Fight song' and 'Sing'. Thank you to Mr R for teaching us all of the songs and preparing us for our debut performance. We  are so excited to learn more songs and progress as a choir.


In addition to the exciting things mentioned above, every week Rocksteady come into Danson Primary School and children learn how to be in a real band. The children learn how to play different musical instruments with the help of a band leader. All this hard work then culminates in a live performance to their parents in the school assembly hall. The children absolutely love it. 

Danson Primary School Art Exhibition

The aim of the exhibition was to celebrate art across the school from Nursery all the way to Year 6, as well as being a great opportunity for each child to see their work framed and displayed in a gallery setting. The exhibition theme ‘Awaken your inner artist’ helped to embody our school ethos of inspiring children and helping them see and believe that they are artists. It was a great chance for them to show friends and family a finished piece of work that showcased their creative skills, artistic knowledge and that they were proud of that. Each piece of work was a culmination of the children’s artwork from art week, where each year group focused on an artist they had already learnt about in their art lessons and recreated a piece of work inspired by their style.  

During the day, classes were able to go and explore the exhibition. The children’s work was set out so that they were encouraged to walk around and discover their work. This was also a great way for them to find their peers’ work and explore and celebrate other artwork from children all across the school. 

As well as being an amazing way to celebrate their own and other’s work, it was great for  the children evaluate and compare what they had created. Discussing which techniques  they had used, how it linked to their chosen artist and what they liked or would do  differently next time. Here are some of the reflections children had to say about their work: 

 “My favourite part of my work was the grass because I used a sponge to paint.” “What I like about my artwork is that it is very similar to David Hockey because it is very colourful and bright.” 

“One of the things that I like about my work are all of the colours that I’ve used and the  fact that I managed to get my skin-tone right.” 

“I like my painting because it is very 3D. What I would like to do better next time, is to  make the trees a bit bigger.” 

It was wonderful to see how excited everyone was to have their work displayed and how  proud the children were to show their masterpieces to others. Finally, it is really important  for us in school that the children to continue building up a confidence in their own artistic  abilities and knowledge because we want every child believe that they are an artist.  

Local School Links

Over the years we have forged many curriculum links with the local secondary school, Bexley Grammar. These links have included the subjects of Science, Computing, Maths and Performing Arts. 


Last year the students from Bexley Grammar came over to Danson Primary School and helped run an after school science club for our Year 5 pupils. This was brilliant and the children, with the help of the students from Bexley Grammar, took part in a range of different scientific experiments which they thoroughly enjoyed. This will be happening again this year in the summer term.


Like last year, children from Danson Primary School entered the Bebras Challenge which was held at Bexley Grammar. The challenge introduces computational thinking to students worldwide. 

The challenge involves each participant having 45 minutes to tackle a series of interactive tasks, designed to encourage logical thinking and problem-solving skills appropriate for their age group. The children who attended the challenge had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The children cannot wait for next year when it will take place again at Bexley Grammar.

Performing Arts

Each year the children in Year 6 are lucky enough to perform their end of year production at the fantastic drama theatre at Bexley Grammar. The children learn about what it takes to perform in front of a live audience. Every year all of KS2 walk over to Bexley Grammar and watch the Year 6 end of year performance and then in the evening all of the children in Year 6 get the chance to perform to their parents. This is a lovely send off for the children as they move onto secondary school. 


Our Year 6 children had the golden opportunity to experience an enlightening Maths Masterclass workshop at Bexley Grammar School by guest speaker Michael Fletcher. Michael is a member of the Royal Statistical Society and he  advises game shows regarding the probability of someone winning. Michael captivated minds with real-world  application of probability and game theory, using nostalgic game-shows and humour.

The children had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of game theory! Michael used gameshows to illustrate various  experiments and scenarios based on probability. The children left the workshop with a deeper understanding of  how maths can improve one’s game-playing skills and how we can use probability in the real world. It was such  a fantastic experience for us to attend and we would like to say a big thank you to Bexley Grammar School for inviting the children. 


Danson as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Financial Education

We are proud to have been reaccredited our status as a 'Centre of Excellence in Financial Education' by Young Money. This award recognises that we have sustained our commitment to developing the financial literacy of our learners for over three years.

Across the school, staff have encompassed the teaching and learning of financial education into many different areas of the curriculum. This area of learning is something we believe is integral; we strive to equip our learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to thrive in an ever-changing world.

In line with Young Money’s planning frameworks, learning is covered across four different strands: how to manage money, becoming a critical consumer, managing risks and emotions associated with money and understanding the important role money plays in our lives.

Every academic year, our pupils enjoy taking part in workshops led by external facilitators such as CRiBS or employees from the banking sector through sessions organised by HSBC and NatWest.  This academic year, all of the children in Key Stage 2 will take part in My BnK’s three-part workshop called ‘Money Twist’ for the first time.

We promote participation in annual competitions such as ‘Young Money’s Challenge’ as well as the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition. We have had successful entrants who have been awarded prizes and some entrants even attended a prize giving ceremony at the Tower of London.

Danson Primary School Science Week

During our exciting Science Week, students at our school delved into the fascinating world of time.  Through observing over time investigations, they honed their scientific skills and learned to track  changes in various phenomena. Our special guests from Bexley Grammar School shared their  expertise with our Year 5 students, unravelling the mysteries of time. Meanwhile, the Shooting Stars  science workshop captivated young minds, teaching them about the fundamental principles  of physics. In addition, we also welcomed a STEM ambassador who came into to talk to the children  about her STEM career and give them an idea about how science can have real life applications! 

But that’s not all! We hosted a poster competition, where creativity flowed as students depicted  time-related concepts. And who can forget the sweets-in-the-jar guessing game? The suspense was  palpable as everyone tried to estimate the number of treats hidden away. 

To wrap up the week, we embraced the theme by dressing up as scientists or anything related to  time. From Albert Einstein to futuristic time travellers, our school was abuzz with excitement. Thank  you to all our students, teachers, and guests for making Science Week a memorable journey through  the fourth dimension!


Danson Primary School Maths Week 2024 

Danson Primary School enjoyed an exciting Maths Week with a range of activities in  lessons and beyond. Each day had a different focus to inspire and interest the children in a variety  of areas of maths: 

Key Stage One children learnt about money, what the different coins represented and how much they are worth. This supported them to buy different items from the shops. The  children used this knowledge to help them calculate change, which they did using the part whole  method. 

Our Key Stage Two used this knowledge to calculate what coins they would need and a variety of  word problems with larger amounts of money. This supported them in calculating change and  combining amounts. It also helped them to work out how much profit they made and how to cover  their costs.  

We continued to consolidate our use of various Sentence Stems to support the children to speak in full sentences and articulate their reasons. This included - ‘If I know, then I know’ and ‘I think that……  because’. It was fantastic to see and hear some all of the children use these in their lessons throughout the school. Year 1 children were amazed that they could select one 50p coin rather than  fifty 1p coins and explained - “I know this because 50 1ps are the same amount. I thought I would  have to have all the 1ps”. 

We had ‘What’s the time Wednesday’, where children looked at both analogue and digital clocks to  tell the time. 

Thursday was our ‘Throwback Thursday’ event. This is when the teachers looked back at a previous  element of maths to recap and support children in making connections to future learning. 

Friday was 'Financial Friday'. The children had an  exciting time discussing their what they wanted to be when they are  older and how maths could be a part of this job/career. They also discussed the impact of the financial difficulties in the world. Each year group  continued to learn about the subject of money which included topics such as the value of money, different ways to pay, exchange rates and money in other countries. 

Dressing for the future

On Friday was our dress up day for the whole school. The children dressed up as what they wanted  to be when they were older or linked into our maths learning. 

The Shop! 

We brought maths into a real-life context through hosting classroom shops. Children experienced  the important life skills of exchanging money, working out the correct coins and calculating change.  

EYFS and KS1 

In EYFS and KS1, children took part in a ‘Bring and Buy Sale’ to raise money for school funds and  important maths resources. Pupils kindly brought in donations that were age-appropriate and  inspired purchases to be made. Children priced their items and were supported in buying things from  the sale and acting as ‘shopkeepers’.


In KS2, children took part in the ‘£20 Shop Challenge’. Each class was given £20 to spend on items  with the challenge to sell all their items and make the most profit for their class. Children priced their  items and were responsible for selling and buying things from the sale. 


Maths Volunteers 

As part of Maths Week, we welcomed in volunteers. Each one spoke to the children about their jobs  and how they use maths beyond the classroom. 

It was such an amazing week of maths!

Sporting Success

Girls’ Football

Congratulations to the Girls’ Football Team who have finished in 2nd place in the Girls’ Football League.  It’s been great seeing the girls play in their new school  kit, which was given to the school after a successful application of the Premier League Kit Scheme.

Just4Fun Dodgeball

The Just4Fun programme sees children in Year 5 have the opportunity to represent the school in sporting  events, designed with fun in mind. Seeing the children take part and working as a team has been great and  their behavior was exemplary! They were excellent sporting ambassadors for the school. 

Boys’ Football

Congratulations to the Boys’ Football Team who have had an incredible this season, already  winning the Bexley Schools Tournament and the Kent Schools Finals. 

The Boys’ A Team also recently represented Charlton Athletic in the EFL Utilitia Tournament, which was against  16 teams across the South of England. The team showed great character throughout the tournament and finished 4th in the group.  We are so proud of the team as sporting ambassadors of Danson.