At Danson Primary School, children are taught Art in a way that ensures progression of skills and follows a sequence that builds from previous learning. The children are encouraged to develop a creative flare, using a wide range of artistic styles. They learn how to use different media in order to create pieces of artwork and are exposed and inspired by a wide and diverse range of artists. 

During their Art lessons, children learn to generate ideas using sketchbooks, and are taught the following skills: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, craft and design and sculpture. They also learn about formal elements within the subject of art such as colour, form, line, pattern, shape, texture and tone. Once the children have created a piece of artwork, they then have the chance to evaluate their own work and the work of others which is an important skill to develop during their art lessons. 

Where possible, each year groups art lessons link to their Humanities topic which allows the children to make links to other areas of their learning in a practical way.   

Danson Primary School Art Policy 

Art Long Term Plan

During their art lessons, children also learn about a range of diverse artists from different backgrounds. They are exposed to a plethora of different types of art and create pieces of art in the style of these artists using different their knowledge artistic skills. Click on Danson Primary Schools Artist Overview to learn about what artists our pupils study.

Artist Study Overview

The following information below illustrates the knowledge and skills progression that the children at Danson Primary School develop during their art lessons from EYFS to Year 6. Every year group starts the Autumn term focusing on Drawing as this is a fundamental skill in becoming a good artist. This is then followed, in no particular order: Painting & Mixed Media, 3D Sculpture and Craft & Design. 

Art - EYFS  

Art - Drawing Progression

Art - Painting & Mixed Media Progression

Art - Sculpture & 3D 

Art - Craft & Design

Art - National Curriculum  

Danson Primary School Art Gallery  


Danson Primary School Art Exhibition - 2024 

The aim of the exhibition was to celebrate art across the school from Nursery all the way to Year 6, as well as being a great opportunity for each child to see their work framed and displayed in a gallery setting. The exhibition theme ‘Awaken your inner artist’ helped to embody our school ethos of inspiring children and helping them see and believe that they are artists. It was a great chance for them to show friends and family a finished piece of work that showcased their creative skills, artistic knowledge and that they were proud of that. Each piece of work was a culmination of the children’s artwork from art week, where each year group focused on an artist they had already learnt about in their art lessons and recreated a piece of work inspired by their style.  

During the day, classes were able to go and explore the exhibition. The children’s work was set out so that they were encouraged to walk around and discover their work. This was also a great way for them to find their peers’ work and explore and celebrate other artwork from children all across the school. 

As well as being an amazing way to celebrate their own and other’s work, it was great for  the children evaluate and compare what they had created. Discussing which techniques  they had used, how it linked to their chosen artist and what they liked or would do  differently next time. Here are some of the reflections children had to say about their work: 

“My favourite part of my work was the grass because I used a sponge to paint.” “What I like about my artwork is that it is very similar to David Hockey because it is very colourful and bright.” 

“One of the things that I like about my work are all of the colours that I’ve used and the  fact that I managed to get my skin-tone right.” 

“I like my painting because it is very 3D. What I would like to do better next time, is to  make the trees a bit bigger.” 

It was wonderful to see how excited everyone was to have their work displayed and how  proud the children were to show their masterpieces to others. Finally, it is really important  for us in school that the children to continue building up a confidence in their own artistic  abilities and knowledge because we want every child believe that they are an artist.