“The school is well led. It is a stimulating place in which to work and learn. As the newly appointed headteacher, you have established your own senior and middle leadership teams with the aim of increasing leadership capacity. You have instilled a strong team ethic across the school, as shown by the year group and curriculum teams. These new structures have contributed strongly to the recent successful expansion of the school from two-form to three-form entry.”

“You have also made sure that new pupils, parents and carers quickly understand the routines and expectations of the school. One new parent expressed the views of others when she said, ‘Although we are new to the school, it has been very supportive and inclusive.”

“Parent View, and those who spoke to inspectors during the inspection expressed positive views about the school. They said that children are safe, happy and well looked after. They also said that you and your staff are visible, approachable and available to sort out any issues they may have. Parents are positive about recent changes to the curriculum. For example, one parent said, ‘The school communicates well with us, sets age-appropriate homework and there are a number of engaging curriculum 2 weeks. Danson always looks for the best in our children.”

“Pupils enjoy school. Inspectors spoke with many pupils during the inspection and all confirmed this fact. Pupils value their teachers and others who support their learning. They mostly take pride in their work and are enthusiastic learners. They are well motivated and keen to do well. Pupils understand and can talk about the school’s mission statement to ensure that they are ‘nurtured, believed in, inspired and achieve.”

“The staff and governors have an accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.”

“The culture of safeguarding in the school is strong. Link governors work with the designated leaders for safeguarding and fulfil their statutory responsibilities.”

Inspection 2019

Inspection 2015