Welcome to Danson Primary School

Staff Team

Head Teacher: Mrs. Edwards

Deputy Head Teacher: Miss Casey

Chair of Governors: Mr Jones


Teaching Staff

Year 6: Mrs Barton / Mr Woodward


Year 5: Mrs Hunter / Miss Brunette

Year 4: Mr Hill / Mrs Martin


Year 3: Mrs Anthony / Miss Miller / Mrs Corley


Year 2: Mrs Palan / Mr Liotta


Year 1: Mrs Brett / Miss Young/Miss Nkwo

Reception: Mrs Stickings / Miss Melia / Mrs Davis / Miss Culloch


Nursery: Mrs Attah


SENCO: Mrs Downer


Non Teaching Staff

Mr Mitchell         Site Manager

Mrs Cakebread  Office Manager

Mrs Stevens       Admin Assistant

Mr Corley           Sports Coach

Mrs Foskett       TA, Snr MDM & BC Leader

Mrs Clewer        TA

Mrs Bell             TA

Mrs Mitchell       TA

Mrs Pusey         TA

Miss Cotter        TA

Mrs Newman     TA,MDM & ASC assistant

Mrs Wood          TA

Mrs Jesney        TA & MDM

Miss Raison       TA & MDM

Miss Holland      TA & ASC assistant

Mrs Beattie        TA

Mrs Dummigan  TA & MDM

Mrs Williams      TA

Mrs Tomlin         TA

Mrs Thomas       TA

Ms Purcell          TA

Mrs Smith          TA

Mrs Hills             TA & MDM

Mrs Duff             TA & ASC assistant

Mrs Houlihan      MDM & TA

Mrs Varardi        TA & MDM

Mrs Griffin          MDM & BC assistant

Mrs Henderson  MDM & Cleaner

Miss Tremlett     TA & MDM

Mrs Hodgson     TA  

Miss Gibson       TA

Miss Morrison    TA

Mrs Miller           MDM 

Mrs Harding       MDM

Miss Nicholas    MDM



Mrs Garoghan

Mrs Meredith & ASC assistant

Mrs Holloway



Mrs Stratton

Mrs Wright





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